Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire

Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire is the first feature length game from Point Bleep Studios. It is a thrilling point and click mystery adventure set to be released as part of Point Bleep TV.Vic Raider - Our Hero - Default Headless_Smoking@5x


When a man claiming to be from the future is brought to a nearby psychiatric hospital, Doctors struggle to decide if the man is sick or telling the truth.


Vic Raider insists he is from the year 2365 where mankind has moved beyond the stars. He describes a universe where everything is monitored and controlled by Static Hive, an automated intelligence system created by the brightest minds on Earth to keep the people of Space safe.


Vic claims to be a Static Hive engineer. The last thing he remembers is repairing a faulty A.I. unit aboard The Vibrant Fire before something caused him to travel through time


What happened to Vic on The Vibrant Fire? What happened to the crew? Is time travel possible?

Or is Vic just crazy?

Game Description

Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire is a point and click adventure game at heart. We aim to provide a gripping story, fun puzzles and lots of laughs. You probably want a bullet point breakdown though don’t you?


* An intriguing story driven adventure
* Interrogate Vic as Dr. Proctor
* Play as Vic as he recounts his moments aboard The Vibrant Fire
* Simple intuitive tools for exploration and interaction
* Hilarious dialogue
* Taxing puzzles
* Fully voiced cast
* Cinematic score
* Incredible graphics

Vic Raider - Special - Moon