The Mind of Marlo

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The Mind of Marlo

It’s called Spontaneous Silly Head Syndrome and it affects fewer than 1 in 7 billion people.

The afflicted experience unpredictable transformations, temporarily taking the appearance of other mammals, among other forms.

Marlo Davenport is one such sufferer.


I don’t mind cats, generally. I just don’t want to be one.

Mr Davenport gave our cameramen 24/7 access to his life, allowing us to study the ways in which he deals with such a life changing condition.

In part 1 of 3 in this true life special we visit Marlo’s Doctor and then on to his house where he follows some of the doctor’s advice.


Marlo often sat at the back of the bus in case of any spontaneous silly head changes.

We noticed during our time together that something else was bothering Marlo. It was his broken heart. A life of loss and silly heads make for one the most touching true life stories Point Bleep Studios has ever produced.



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