Super Helpful Man

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Super Helpful Man: The Roy Hardcastle Story

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it is a plane but who’s that coming down the road in a white van? It’s Super Helpful Man and he’s coming to unclog your sink.

Roy Hardcastle was Wallow Sea Village’s handyman for years. Then one day Roy started appearing at work in a super hero costume. He called himself Super Helpful Man and sworn all odd-jobs and minor repairs his enemy. Nobody knew why but Roy continued this until he retired from work and became a recluse.


Now in his 80s and with multiple health issues, Roy has decided to don the cape one last time to battle wear and tear, light repairs and minor quibbles. Help Roy finish a few odd jobs in this touching and hilarious adventure game presented as a prime-time TV drama.


Play Ludum Dare Version: Here