If you could save a loved one by replacing their brain with a remote controlled Raspberry Pi, would you?

Mrs. Lavender’s husband had been involved in a terrible accident resulting in life threatening brain damage. Thanks to a new groundbreaking but experimental procedure doctors are calling “Lobotomous Miraculous”, Mrs. Lavender’s husband’s brain has been replaced with a state of the art computer chip. She will be able to control her husband’s movements and enter text based commands for him to execute. It will be just like before the accident!

Available for FREE on itch.io 

Developer Notes

‘Lobotomy and You’ was created in less than 48 hours for Ludum Dare 41.

Theme:Mix 2 Incompatible Genres

Due to commitments we had decided not to participate in this challenge. A decision that was broken by Rodo who found himself with some time on his hands and thought he’d make a game on his own – a first person text based adventure game. He’d created a small 3d world and simple text parser for commands like “kick” and “open”. By the time I found out about Rodo’s secret game he was making behind my back, I didn’t have much time to help him and he didn’t have much time to finish it. I added some story and voice overs plus some simple textures for the world and Rodo added as many interactions as time allowed. By the end of the competition we didn’t quite have a game but it was still a fun experiment. If we had both been able to dedicate the whole 72 hours to the project then I think it could have been a really interesting game. We might revisit the concept in the future.

Give it a try if you want to see something a little bit different from us.

~ Poffle

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