Point Bleep TV


PBTV season 1

What is Point Bleep TV?

Point Bleep TV is a new concept.

It is a hub for our bite sized story driven games presented as television shows. We want to emulate the feel of a certain streaming service but removing all the great movies and replacing them with our odd little games. We’ll start with a handful of shows with the goal of building a library of short stories of all styles and genres for you to play.

Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life

Season One will launch with 4 episodes from 4 individual shows that revolve around a particular theme – people discontent with life. We have documentaries, sitcoms, crime dramas and true stories for you to play through with fun point and click gameplay that includes puzzle solving, exploration and dialogue systems that let you to shape the story.


Murder 38

The shows are presented in our minimalist pixel art style that allows us to have nice close ups without the characters appearing like a jumbled mess of pixels. Every character has fully voiced lip-synced dialogue and a range of emotions so we can make dynamic scenes despite the simple style and it looks pretty funny too!

Tonight on Point Bleep TV…

Each game will work as the pilot episode for their respective show with following seasons bringing further episodes and completely new shows. The episodes are roughly 30 minutes long to complete and hopefully they leave you laughing, and/or crying.

Season One will ship with the following episodes.

Click on the titles for further information.


Hello. I’m Nigel Wimble

How to Cope With Boredom & Loneliness: A Guide for the Isolated

Genre: Documentary

Status: In Development

Description: Join Nigel Wimble as he interviews 42 year old Harold Fletcher. Harold has been grounded to his bedroom for the past 30 years. Learn how he copes with boredom and loneliness.

Thumbnails - The Mind Of MarloW

It’s not ideal, is it?

The Mind of Marlo

Genre: True Life Story

Status: Completed

Description: Marlo suffers with a condition known as Spontanious Silly Head Syndrome. His head and sometimes body will morph into different forms, making for a frustrating existence. Take an intimate look into Marlo’s life as he battles his affliction.



Genre: Crime/Drama

Status: In Development

Description: These 2 detectives are tough on crime, as long as the police computer does most of the work.


Thumbnails - SHM bannerSuper Helpful Man

Genre: Sitcom/Drama

Status: In Development

Description: Super Helpful Man is a point and click adventure where our hero is running out of super power. His power? The Power of Handiness!

Help Super Helpful Man finish a few more odd jobs before he completely runs out of power via fun and easy to play adventure game mechanics.

PBTV season two

New Episodes Confirmed for Season Two

Thumbnail - Sassy Salesman SimulatorW

Sassy Salesman Simulator

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Status: Pre-production

Description: Meet Roland Discovery, a man trapped in a job he hates, selling old fashioned junk to idiots. In this week’s episode we see Roland attempt a new sales persona at the request of his eccentric boss, Jorgino Papapopper. “You must be more confident, Roland. You must be more sassy! Put on these roller skates.”

Thumbnails - Oh You MonsterW

Oh! You Monster!

Genre: Sitcom

Status: Pre-production

Description: Carl isn’t a bad cardboard box. He doesn’t mean to offend everyone he meets, he just does. In tonight’s episode we watch socially inept Carl attempt a night of speed dating. Oh boy!

Release Date

We have pencilled in a release date for Season One for the 21st of November, 2017. Whether we’ll meet that deadline I don’t know but we’re trying our hardest! We’ll keep you up to date in our development blog.

The Future…

As we mentioned at the start of the page, we want to turn Point Bleep TV into a hub for our story and character driven games. In the beginning the idea was to just remake our Ludum Dare projects to our original vision had we not been hampered by a 72 hour deadline, then release them as a basic package called the Point Bleep Studio Collection. After the unexpected popularity of How To Cope With Boredom & Loneliness and Murder 38 we thought we could make the collection more open ended in order to add further episodes plus other games down the line.

Once we have completed Point Bleep TV – Season One we will continue work on our other game Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire. It is a far larger game than anything that appears on Point Bleep TV. It will release via PBTV a few months later as part of the new “Movies” category. We will then develop Season Two. That’s how we would like to see things progress anyway. Or you might just hate it all and we’ll be very upset…


No. you’re gonna love it.