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Nigel Wimble’s ‘How to Cope With Boredom & Loneliness: A Guide for the Isolated’

Hello. I’m Nigel Wimble, award winning journalist and inspiration to millions. Over the years I’ve blown you away with my award winning journalism and that wont be stopping anytime soon. This year I’ll be bringing you my soon to be award winning series ‘How to Cope With Boredom and Loneliness: A Guide for the Isolated’ where I look into the lives of 3 isolated individuals to see how they cope with boredom and loneliness.

In the first episode I will be looking into the isolated life of 42 year old Harold Fletcher. A man who has been grounded to his bedroom for over 30 years!



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I will learn how Harold copes with the boredom and loneliness from 30 years of isolation. Why has his mother grounded him for so long? Why doesn’t he just leave? What does that kind of punishment do to the brain? I fear it mangles it like babies snatched by wild dogs in the night. Be prepared for hard hitting, award winning, tear jerking moments and more this fall on Point Bleep TV. I’m Nigel Wimble. Goodnight.



Investigate Harold’s room to find out how he copes with boredom and loneliness. Create a hard hitting documentary by choosing the topics to talk to Harold about then hitting record. Watch the documentary unfold before your very eyes! If you don’t like the scenes you picked you can start over and create dozens of unique documentaries. Get the highest rating from the critics to unlock a bonus scene!

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