Point Bleep Studios originally came together when we wrote some music together in 2014. We wrote an 8-bit inspired concept album about a man trapped alone in space suffering from “intergalactic loneliness”. We enjoyed the concept so much that we decided to make a game about our poor spaceman as well as an album! After several months of work it had turned into an out of scope and out of our skill range type of project. It’s since had to go on the back-burner until we are good enough to fulfill our vision. We’re still training towards it!

We’ve made several games since with their own unique soundtracks from chiptune to orchestral to folk to Russian hip-hop. We really enjoy making the music and we hope you enjoy hearing it and finding all the secret songs in our games.

Point Bleep Studios on Spotify

A selection of songs from our previously released games.

Super Robotic Encounters

Poffle’s solo music project


Rodo’s solo music project

You can download our music for FREE on Bandcamp – Link

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