Hot from Stateside comes the sensational new crime thriller from the makers of Cocaine Miami, Black Tie Violence plus Rough Cops and Crime Guys. It’s been nominated for 2 Golden Globes for best acting and computer effects. The totally original and spectacular – iMurder.

Set in 1996, but in an alternative timeline where computers are at least 5 years more advanced than ours. Detectives are able to tap into the computer’s power to solve crimes at record speeds simply by feeding clues into it’s interface then following the computers commands.

The role of a Detective has been reduced to that of a clue courier, a position that holds little of the respect or authority held by the detectives of yesteryear. Yet there’s one Detective that prefers to solve crime the old fashioned way by wearing a trench coat and using a notepad, but still use the computer for the tricky parts. That Detective’s name? John Dammit.


Detective Intuition +1

Body of a man, brain of a cop. He’s MANCOP and he doesn’t answer to anyone, except crime. At least that was until he got a new partner that takes the ceremonial role even more serious than him.


I work alone…

That’s where we viewers jump in as Detective Dammit and his new partner are sent to retrieve clues from a grizzly murder in the premier episode of iMurder – Murder 38: A Small World. A story of murder and coincidence so gripping that one test viewer was quoted as saying “the twist at the end was alright.”


As a special treat for audiophiles they’ll be pleased to hear that acclaimed composer Rudolph Von Spraklehausen has again provided the soundtrack as he has done with all the team’s prior work.

Play Ludum Dare version – Here