Point Bleep Studios have been developing games since 2014. We have released two positively reviewed games on Steam with a third on the way. We have also created several games for the Ludum Dare 72 hour game development challenge, which you can download for free!

Below you will find our full catalog of games including Steam releases, Ludum Dare experiments and planned future releases.  

Super Helpful Man: The Roy Hardcastle Story

GENRE: Narrative Adventure
SYNOPSIS: An absurd, mysterious, hilarious but touching narrative driven adventure game. Presented as an odd, made for TV movie, Super Helpful Man tells the story of a curious man who, for some reason, decides to spend his life as a real-life super hero.

How to Cope with Boredom and Loneliness

PRICE: Free!
GENRE: Documentary Adventure
SYNOPSIS: Create a documentary about Harold Fletcher, a man who has been grounded to his room for over 30 year!

The Mind of Marlo

RELEASE DATE: 19/10/17
PRICE: $2.99
GENRE: Point & Click Adventure
SYNOPSIS: Marlo was born with a curious case of Spontaneous SIlly Head Syndrome, a rare disorder which makes the individual suffer temporary transformations. How does Marlo cope with such a condition, and is there a cure?

Lobotomy & You

If you could save a loved one by replacing their brain with a remote controlled Raspberry Pi, would you? Mrs. Lavender’s husband had been involved in a terrible accident resulting in life threatening brain damage. Thanks to a new groundbreaking but experimental procedure doctors are calling “Lobotomous Miraculous”, Mrs. Lavender’s husband’s brain has been replaced…

The Terry Pebble Show

Have you ever dreamed of being a tacky, low budget, day time talk show host? Well time to fulfill that dream by playing as compassionate but not afraid to say it straight, faux-therapist/talk show host Terry Pebble. Interview the guests and decide if you should play the shoulder to cry on or give them a…

Protocol 47

Protocol: 47 – In the event of an humanitarian disaster Protocol 47 is used to select a celebrity to release an appeal/charity single in order to raise awareness of chosen disaster.

Murder 38

Hot from Stateside comes the sensational new crime thriller from the makers of Cocaine Miami, Black Tie Violence plus Rough Cops and Crime Guys. It’s been nominated for 2 Golden Globes for best acting and computer effects. The totally original and spectacular – Murder 38. Set in 1996, but in an alternative timeline where computers are at least 5 years…

Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire

  Vic Raider & The Vibrant Fire is the first feature length game from Point Bleep Studios. It is a thrilling point and click mystery adventure set to be released in 2019-2020. Story When a man claiming to be from the future is brought to a nearby psychiatric hospital, Doctors struggle to decide if the…

Sassy Salesman Simulator

  Sassy Salesman Simulator Out of work and with a baby on the way, Roland Discovery took the first job he could find, a sales assistant position at the local pawn store. “No Experience Required – Full Training Provided” read the sign. Good news for Roland who had never sold a thing in his life. Bad news for Roland as…

Oh! You Monster!

Point Bleep Studios is proud to bring you a brand new cardboard box based sitcom. Oh! You Monster! follows the life of Carl, a man with an awful personality but a heart of gold, if only he would let people get to know that side of him. In the debut episode we find Carl on the look…