Introducing Point Bleep Studios

What would happen if you put 4 of the world’s greatest game developers in a team together? Probably end up with some amazing games, right? Yeah! Well, forget about those guys; we’re here to talk about Point Bleep Studios!

Point Bleep Studios formed in early 2015 with the sole intention of relieving boredom one rainy Sunday. 4 years and 2 Steam releases later, you can safely say that we were really bored.

During 2019, Point Bleep Studios expanded in order to take things to the next level – level 2. Trapped in their own metaphorical rainy Sunday, a hotshot dream team joined the cause, doubling the team size as well as the chair budget. It’s with this new four person version of Point Bleep Studios that we will deliver games so remarkable you’ll wonder if there might actually be five of us!

Our goal is simply to create memorable experiences for you to enjoy. We hope we’re able to achieve that for you!

Meet the team

Octopoid, Tigermouse, Rodo, Poffle

Rodo | Coding & Software Development

His dream was to create an adventure game framework so easy to use you could develop games in your sleep. Sadly, none of us have been sleeping very well lately, except Rodo.

Poffle | Writer & Artist

After eyeing up all the top jobs at the top studios, Poffle concluded his lack of qualifications and inexperience would be better suited to somewhere like Point Bleep Studios where his lack of talent could flourish.

Octopoid | Coding & System Tools

“I dunno mate, put anything, just don’t use my real name, I don’t want to be associated with this drivel.”

Tigermouse | A Bit of Everything

With more pies than we have fingers, Tigermouse’s digits are often found prodding through the pastries of production. Tigermouse has her fingers in the pies the rest of us don’t want to eat but have to in order to make a successful game.

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