Point Bleep Studios is a 2 man team (Poffle + Rodobodolfo). We make games that people never realized they wanted to play, or don’t actually want to play at all! It’s a risky angle that we’re sure will or won’t pay off one day. Our games are easily described as point and click adventure games but that would be doing them a massive disservice. They are so, so slightly more than that.

We like to frame our games in unique formats such as the mockumentary style for ‘The Mind of Marlo’ and ‘How to Cope with Boredom and Loneliness’. Our upcoming game ‘Super Helpful Man’ will be framed as a true-life made for TV movie and further ahead we have a detective game presented as a police procedural TV show. We use a simple art style, fully voiced characters and absurd stories to create interactive narrative experiences that hopefully make you laugh but also make you care about the characters and story despite how odd the concept first appears.

Give our games a chance. You’ll wonder what you’ve just played but hopefully you’ll have a nice time nonetheless.

Play ‘How to Cope with Boredom and Loneliness for FREE to see if you like us!

Don’t worry. Have fun. We’ll wait.

doctor tea

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Super Helpful Man: The Roy Hardcastle Story

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