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First steps with Unity Additive Multi-Scene Development

I’ve been considering jumping to multi scene loading in unity for a while, and I finally decided to take the first steps and move my core logic into another scene. Hopefully these little tips will help someone in the future.

BPMN graphs for Game State tracking and quest logic?

This idea is haunting me for a long time. I’ve been working on an awesome open source BPM and workflow software and after making a complex helpdesk process I finally experienced the benefit of the BPMN standard. For  those who just heard of it,…

Unity Adventure Framework – The rise and fall of the door system.

Hi there! My name is Rodo, coder at Point Bleep Studios and this segment is called Rodo Fridays. Instead of writing nonsensical and unfunny satirical articles about being a jerk at work like my partner Poffle, here I will try to give a more…