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Development Blog #8 | Super Helpful Man Rises

Welcome! Here we are then with dev blog #8. 8! That’s not bad over a 2 year period. I didn’t realize we were such prolific writers but here we are with enough blogs to fill a very slim book. “So, what are you going…

Development Blog #7 | Super Helpful Man Continues…

Most developers love the beginning of a new project, throwing around crazy out of scope ideas without ever considering that each idea could take weeks (months) to implement.  Enthusiasm is high as everybody on board is convinced they’re about to make the best game…

Super Helpful Man | Teaser Trailer #1

Sit down, briefly, to watch the brand new trailer for Super Helpful Man. Super Helpful Man tells the story of Roy Hardcastle. A mild mannered pensioner by day, mild mannered superhero handyman by night. Roy has been serving his community for the past 50…

[Development Blog #6] Steam Game #3 – Super Helpful Man

With the release of The Mind of Marlo and How to Cope with Boredom & Loneliness out of the way we can now move on to our next mini adventure – Super Helpful Man: The Roy Hardcastle Story.

How to Cope with Boredom & Loneliness: A Guide for the Isolated

Steam Store – It’s FREE!!! Harold Fletcher has been grounded to his bedroom for over 30 years. Join award-winning journalist Nigel Wimble as he discovers how one man has coped with the boredom and loneliness from the years of isolation in this one of kind,…

[Development Blog #5] How to Cope with Boredom & Loneliness

We should make a game about a man that’s been grounded to his bedroom for decades. That’ll be good, right?

Point Bleep Studios | 2017 Review & 2018 Manifesto

2018 will mark the four year anniversary of the formation of Point Bleep Studios. Four years ago we were just a couple of good looking guys with an idea and a pocket full of dreams. We’re still just a couple of hot guys with an idea but our pockets are now filled with night terrors, cold sweats and vacant expressions. What happened in 2017?

Ludum Dare 40 | The Terry Pebble Show | Results & Postmortem

Have you ever dreamed of being a tacky, low budget, day time talk show host? Well time to fulfill that dream by playing as compassionate but not afraid to say it straight faux-therapist/talk show host Terry Pebble. Interview the guests and decide if you should play the shoulder to cry on or give them a swift wake up call. Sometimes the truth hurts… and gets more viewers!

Reaper Orchestral Scoring Template – 100% Free!!! (70 Tracks)

Hello again internet people. I’ve created a Reaper template to quickly get started composing orchestral scores, and the best of all its that its based in free software! Its super handy to quickly test ideas and why not write whole pieces with it. Here…

Mother Inspiration and The Suckling Child of Invention – Section 1: Music

Alright. It’s time for a new series of articles where I look for inspiration and ideas. I’m probably going to waste your time again but read on anyway. It might not all be rubbish and you could learn something. Yeah?

First steps with Unity Additive Multi-Scene Development

I’ve been considering jumping to multi scene loading in unity for a while, and I finally decided to take the first steps and move my core logic into another scene. Hopefully these little tips will help someone in the future.

[Development Blog #4] The Mind of Marlo v1.1, Project Point Bleep TV & Stuff!

Here at Point Bleep Studios we like to keep our players up to date with poorly written blogs posted at irregular intervals. Here’s one now! The Mind of Marlo v1.1 We released The Mind of Marlo onto Steam on the 19th of October! While…