The Crew

Point Bleep Studios formed in 2014.

We are a 2 man team so that means life comprises of a million tasks we don’t want to do, like writing this ‘about’ section, but you’ve clicked it now so I’ll have to write something.

Point Bleep Studios are:

Poffle (artist/writer/composer/person writing this)

Rodobodolfo (coder/software designer/composer/person avoiding any web duties).

After meeting online and writing some electronic music together they (yes, they. I’m going third person for this.) discovered that Poffle was planning to make a pixel art cartoon series and Rodobodolfo was making a point and click adventure game. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to combine each others projects. Poffle could make something even better than a terrible cartoon and Rodobodolfo could make an even better game than the rubbish he would have made without Poffle. So they joined forces and started making games together, the results of which you can find here.

You’ll be surprised to know that we aren’t professionals, we’re just 2 people who thought it would be fun to make a tiny game together. 8 projects later and we are still going strong!