You’ve just caught me in the middle of writing another amazing development blog. This is the first one of the year and our tenth overall so we must be making some serious progress now, right?

You’re god damn right we are! Have a read of all this if you don’t believe me! Why would I lie?

Point Bleep Population Spike!

While we’ve been quite happy doing the work of 900 people and living in misery for the past few years, we thought it was time to share the joy of working at Point Bleep Studios with some other like-minded people. We’re very proud to announce that we have found some naive fools – great people, to join the team! First up!


He’s from the UK, has an old English sheep dog and codes like he really should be working with someone better than us – it’s Octopoid!!!

Though unconfirmed as a real octopus, he’s from Swindon so anything’s possible, he definitely works like one! We needed someone to help improve our adventure game framework, Octopoid’s doing that but he also has his slippery tentacles all over other aspects of the game too! He’s worth his weight in gold, which incidentally is what we’ll have to pay him with, or mollusks.

We’ll get into some of the awesome stuff he is working on later. I’m sure he will discuss them in detail in his own future blog posts.


She’s from the UK, also has an old English sheep dog and possesses the marketing acumen to tell us exactly where we’ve been going wrong all this time – it’s Ruth!!!

Ruth, who we believe is an actual human, has kindly decided to help us with our previously lackluster online presence. It’s such an important part of the process and we’re really pleased to have Ruth onboard to show us the way. Ruth will be taking over our Twitter account to keep you all updated!


She’s not from the UK, there’s no evidence of an English sheep dog in the family home but she can draw better than I can – it’s Carla!!!

Carla is freelance artist who has been helping us overhaul our branding with a new logo and new artwork for the Steam pages. Check out the new art for How to Cope with Boredom and Loneliness! Look at it!

Super Helpful Man – Update

Now that you’ve met the new team members, you can now meet all the updates we’ve made. Say hello!

Rodo and Octo have spent a lot of time tweaking (breaking) the engine and adding a bunch of new features such a parallax backgrounds, wind and weather simulations that affect objects like leaves and litter, advanced Sparrow AI, and also a new stage system that allows us to dress the sets much like an actual stage in a play. It’s great!

However, all this new stuff comes at a cost. We’ve come to the conclusion that we need to rebuild our adventure game framework from the ground up. It’s going to create a lot of extra work in the short term but long term it’s going to create a lot of extra work. In far distant terms, it will mean we can create our games a lot faster and a lot better!

While the geeky tech stuff has been going on, Poffle has been hard at work refining what is set to be the most groundbreaking super hero handyman saga ever told, and I’m not even joking. When shown the final story, a close personal friend remarked “I didn’t make it to the end but some bits weren’t as bad as others.” Nice to have that feedback loop.

The new engine, story and art are all set for completion within the next few/several months. We hope to be able to put it all together in a reasonable amount of time after that. It has developed into a much larger game with several new characters, locations, quests and mini-games. It’s closer to a feature length adventure game which is why it’s taking a year longer than we anticipated. We now aim to release the game during the Autumn/Winter of 2019 and I promise you it will be worth the wait. Worth waiting longer, if anything (which is entirely possible).

You can wish-list Super Helpful Man on Steam now. The Steam page will be further updated in due course. You can find a description and very early trailer for now.

Wish-list the game – Here

Thanks for reading. We will start making these dev blogs more frequent from now on as we have some awesome stuff in the wings to share. Stand by!

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