Hello once again internet people.

After last year template I was suggested another great free (and open-source!) collections of orchestral samples. So I decided, why not, lets make a new template and see what we got.

As always the idea is only use free plugins.

The template is super handy to quickly test ideas and why not write whole pieces with it. Here at PointBleepStudios we will be using it for our upcoming game Super Helpful Man

For this year edition we will need:

Optionals (Not orchestral, but nice to have)

Here is a “quick” video of what you will find:

The installation is quite simple

  1. Install Plogue
  2. Download and set up a folder with the contents of the three libraries

  3. (Optional) Install the theme and additional vsts/soundfonts
  4. Set up user libraries path in sforzando plugin

    2019-01-11 23_48_18-sin título - paint
  5. Fire up the template.
  6. Make awesome tracks!

Any suggestions are most welcome!

About the Author rodobodolfo

coder @pointbleepstuidos.com

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