It’s been 2 weeks since the last Speechr update. During that time we have been working on somebig changes to the underlying tech.

Next week we will release BETA version 0.3 with several changes, unfortunately all current projects will not be supported by the new app.

New Database.

The biggest change is the database. We are now using Pouchdb which is a fast offline Couchdb compatible database.

Unfortunately the migration process is taking time (75% done). however, once it’s done we will be ready to introduce the new killer features…

Remote Sync

Completely optional, if set, users will be able to remote sync to any couchdb compliant remote databases, this essentially means that we can have multiple users and replication.

Multiple users could write to the same database and syncing to remote database will happen in the background syncing changes bidirectionally.

A new locking mechanism was added to avoid conflicts and multiple users changing the same document at the same time.

Benefits of this new system:

  • Fast local database for native experience.
  • Offline availability: Users can work on the database even with no internet connection.
  • Multiuser Remote Backup/Replication

New License

Also we have changed the licensing:

  • Solo devs: FREE for any purpose (commercial / non-commercial)
  • Teams (remote replication) FREE for non-commercial only.
  • Teams with remote replication features for commercial purposes will require a license (however it is free while in beta)

We are currently battle testing Speechr for Super Helpful Man, our latest game in development.
If you or your team is interested in testing the beta, hop into our discord to get a license key and download link.

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