Here we are then with dev blog #8. 8! That’s not bad over a 2 year period. I didn’t realize we were such prolific writers but here we are with enough blogs to fill a very slim book. “So, what are you going to tell us about today?” the 3 of you ask with wide eyed wonder. Well, let me tell you….

SHM - Vehicles - RoyVan

Building the world one pixel at a time…

The last time we posted an update we had just finished writing the story and early drafts of the dialogue scripts for SUPER HELPFUL MAN. Since then, we have been working non-stop on the placeholder art for the game world.

SUPER HELPFUL MAN is roughly 4-5 times bigger than The Mind of Marlo. We have over 20 interactive environments compared to Marlo’s small 4 room house. We also have establishing shots and close up angles to make the world feel more cohesive and immersive, despite our simple pixel art style. We have 13 interactive “Rooms” so far with all of the location establishing shots finished plus a couple of the close-up puzzle “Rooms” completed too. We’re making great progress so will be able to start building the world inside Unity soon! We’ll go back and get everything looking nice a week before release.

SHM - Rooms - Roy External
Work in Progress

Due to the nature of our previous games we hadn’t needed to do much animating aside from facial animations. This time we have several characters that need walk cycles, facial animation, somersaults and other human gestures. It’s hard to judge how long it will take to do all the animating but I’m hoping it doesn’t take too long. We have some really funny scenes in mind that will require tons of work just to make you laugh for 3 seconds, but it will be worth it!

Building a conversation one node at a time…


If you’ve played our other games you’ll know there’s a lot of dialogue and that trend continues with SUPER HELPFUL MAN! However, with this game, instead of forcing you to watch cut-scenes we want to offer you dialogue choices along the way and then force you to watch cut-scenes. In order to do that, Rodo has been building a new tool to do just that as well as all of our other scripting needs. He’s currently implementing the dialogue tree system with a nice visual, node based interface as we speak! I can’t wait to use it going forward, our old system worked but had a few rough edges. If Rodo is to be believed his new tool will be so powerful that it will need to be destroyed upon completion, lest it destroys us all. Rodo can tell you all about it when he’s finished!

Building a.. Wait, that’s all there is…

Image 2018-07-04 09-58-18.16 pm

As you can see we’ve been very busy and will be very busy for the next few months leading up to the November release date. We have so much work to do but wanted to give you a little progress report. Thanks for reading! Watch out for our next dev blog which may contain a new trailer, or not!



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