Here at Point Bleep Studios we like to keep our players up to date with poorly written blogs posted at irregular intervals. Here’s one now!

The Mind of Marlo v1.1

We released The Mind of Marlo onto Steam on the 19th of October!

While we’ve had some really great feedback for our documentary film/adventure game, we’ve also had some minor bugs reported. Rodo has fixed the bugs but he has also added controller support! Poffle is holding the whole thing up because he hasn’t drawn the button icons yet, but all in good time. He’s currently busy referencing himself in third person while he writes this blog…

The patch should be available in the coming weeks as well as a free soundtrack.

Steam Link

Project Point Bleep TV

With The Mind of Marlo behind us we have now returned to work on our much larger game, Project Point Bleep TV. We have had a bunch of new ideas for the game including an entirely new concept for it.

At it’s core Point Bleep TV is a collection of short stories presented as adventure game/TV shows similar to The Mind of Marlo. We originally envisioned Point Bleep TV akin to Netflix with a simple interface for choosing each game. We then imagined Point Bleep TV as a real TV studio where the “shows” are created.

Concept Art – The CEO of PBTV – Benson Bo’Doffle

The player can explore the facility between “test-screening” the shows, solve puzzles and interact with the actors. Essentially, the original simple interface is now an adventure game in itself.  It’s going to be really fun and will tie the whole project together nicely.

Before that we need to finish the core games for the project!


We have conceptualized the story for How to Cope With Boredom & Loneliness. We had hit a road block with that one for a while but we were suddenly inspired by some music and the rest of the story somehow wrote itself. It was a nice moment. We decided to write blog about that and how music can trigger our brains to be creative, which we’ll post soon.


The story and art for Super Helpful Man is near completion so we can begin scripting the quests and dialogues. Rodo is currently working on an excellent scripting tool designed to be super user-friendly for the project’s writer. That will speed up development substantially, though Rodo does like to drag his feet so we’ll probably have to continue to write everything on the back of old receipts for the foreseeable future.


We’ve had some informal discussion over Murder 38 but nothing is concrete. All we know is that it will be incredible and far more elaborate than the Ludum Dare original. We want to explore the relationship between Agent Biche and Detective Dammit and perhaps add some weird sexual tension. We’ll see.

We have a lot of work to do but with the new tools and a clear road map we should be able to get through it. We’re really passionate about the project and we think you’ll really like our world of offbeat TV show/adventure games.

Other Stuff

We have created a new Point Bleep Studios Twitter account. We were using Poffle’s account before but felt we should have a unique one just for news and updates. Feel free to follow us for updates, screenshots and pictures of our dogs.

@pointbleep – For all news and updates.

@poffle – For screenshots and other stuff.

@rodobodolfo  – Don’t expect much from Rodo, he’s too mysterious for Twitter.

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


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