Hello and welcome to a brand new instalment of the Development Blog. This week our guests include the Steam release of The Mind of Marlo, the insightful Poffle’s Guides, and Rodo Friday’s.

The Mind of Marlo – Steam Release

I don’t mind cats, generally. I just don’t want to be one.

We released a version of The Mind of Marlo on itch.io in July. We are now nearing completion of the Steam version which has an extended story, remastered audio, tons of visual tweaks including a new interface, new music and voice overs, achievements, trading cards and much, much more!*

*Not that much more.

If you purchased a copy from itch.io we will mail you a Steam Code upon release. Thank you for your support kind itch.io gamers!

The Steam page will be up and running in a few weeks where you can stare longingly at screen shots and watch the sensational and yet to be created trailer.

Learn all about The Mind of Marlo here – Game Description

Poffle’s Guides


Poffle has been writing a series of guides for the budding game developers out there. You can find tips for game creation around a full time job, working with team members from around the world and what to do if you don’t actually have any game development skills at all.

How To Develop Games With A Full Time Job. 8 Tips for Success!

How To Create Games in a Satellite Team – 10 Tips for Success!

How to Develop Video Games With No Skill or Talent

Rodo Friday’s


If you found Poffle’s Guides to be frankly rubbish then check out Rodo’s where he shares something of value about game development. He talks about our Unity Adventure Framework, which he has been building over the last few years plus future systems he would like to implement. They are pretty interesting, just don’t expect them every Friday. Getting a weekly article out of Rodo is harder than getting a decent door system out of him…

Rodo Fridays #01 – The rise and fall of the door system.

BPMN graphs for Game State tracking and quest logic?


Just one more thing…

As soon as The Mind of Marlo releases on Steam we will return to work on Point Bleep TV. If you enjoy The Mind of Marlo then you will love Point Bleep TV, if you hate The Mind of Marlo you will still love Point Bleep TV.*

We’ve updated our Point Bleep TV page so go and check it out and see what you’re in store for. Thanks for reading and have an absolutely incredible Wednesday.

*No. You probably won’t, actually.

Point Bleep TV – Coming Soon


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