The results for Ludum Dare #39 are in! Super Helpful Man finished 41st overall with top 20 finishes in the humour and audio category. It’s our 3rd game in the top 50! Thanks to everyone that played, voted and left lovely comments.

How To Cope… and Murder 38 finished 4th and 5th respectively in previous Jams so it was initially a little disappointing to finish so much lower. Then we looked at the scores rather than the rank and found we didn’t do too bad after all. Let’s look together and compare via an insightful and indulgent chart!



The Scores

Overall – 4.133/5
Our 3rd best game so far with a pretty great overall score. Just a few decimal points behind HTC(4.46) and M38(4.52).

We’re really happy that most players seemed to enjoy the game. We’re never really sure how our games will be recieved so it’s always a relief when people do like them.

Fun – 3.66/5
This is unfortunately quite a dip compared to HTC(4.2) and M38(4.3).

I think this is because the quests lacked a bit of polish (confusing?) and the cut scenes are too long in places. We believe both of these problems have been remedied for the new release and as such fun will now be a strong 5/5.

Theme – 3.88/5
Slightly higher than M38(3.7) but lower than HTC(4.6) and MOM(4.1).

We always like to have fun with the theme and use it as the basis for a daft story or situation.. We’ve generally had mixed scores here as some people enjoy the interpretations and some people think they’re tenuous at best. I liked our take but it does lack a couple of gameplay mechanics that we didn’t have time to add which would have cemented the theme a touch more.

Innovation – 3.37/5
An average score for us in this category.

We always make point and click style games and we’re not here to reinvent the wheel. We’re here to improve our engine! Maybe we miss the spirit of getting out of our comfort zone but it’s what we do and we always want to improve what we do. Innovation be damned!

Humor – 4.24/5
Excellent score and our 4th funniest game.

This makes us happy. Our goal is to make you laugh and it appears our games have been consistent in this regard, all scoring 4/5!


Graphics – 4.15/5
An average score for us in this category.

We get roughly the same score every time. Our graphics are always in the same style so I guess that makes sense. What doesn’t make sense is the score! I’m not an artist nor do I enjoy doing it so to score 4/5 for graphics is flattering. My stuff is like programmer art but I can’t code either.

Audio – 4.3/5
3rd highest behind HTC(4.6) and M38(4.4)

Well, this is another nice surprise. We first tried voice overs for HTC. It went down well so we’ve stuck with it. The score is also for the music which always receives nice feedback too. Really pleased with this category. Thanks for not making fun of the terrible acting.

Mood – 4.2/5
About the same as HTC and M38.

Another good score but I don’t really know what mood means to everyone. I’m hoping it means our games put you in a good mood!

In conclusion

Overall, another good LD for us. Very pleased with the scores and the feedback we received. We have areas to improve and will come back for LD#40 with a 5/5 game!

Again, thanks for playing and voting. If you haven’t played it then give it a go here.



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