So, last week was kind of big for us. We finished and launched The Mind of Marlo as a stand alone title on, we had some debates over Point Bleep TV and then we did some actual work. Well, I mostly played No Man’s Sky 1.3, to be honest… I’m working now, though, aren’t I? Let’s break it down like this…

The Mind of Marlo

We decided to release The Mind of Marlo early and as a stand alone product on It will still be included with Point Bleep TV when we release that on Steam later this year but thought we’d give the game a chance on it’s own while we finish the rest of Point Bleep TV.

The original game was one of our first attempts at a point and click comedy adventure. It has been fun bringing it up to date with everything we have learned since then and in my opinion it’s at least 97% better.

Don’t believe me? Go try it out for yourself – Download: The Mind of Marlo

SHM Title

Debates over Point Bleep TV

We’ve been debating over which games to add to PBTV. With the arrival of Super Helpful Man throwing the initial playlist up in the air, we came to the conclusion that we should continue working on it and include it with Point Bleep TV. However, it will mean sacrificing one of the other games in order to meet the deadline. We will be omitting Oh! You Monster! with the intention of releasing it as part of Season Two instead. This will give us more time to make the four episodes of Season One the best they can be, which so far are, well, it’s not for me to say, but… Does the word incredible mean anything to you?

Actual Work

Rodobodolfo broke all our other games while he fixed The Mind of Marlo, so he’s been repairing that as well as coming up with a SAVE/LOAD system. Our games are easily doable in one sitting but you should always have the option to save so we’re giving it to you. Yeah! That’s the kind of developers we are.

Tasks, tasks, tasks! We’ve gone crazy with the tasks. We haven’t done the tasks but we’ve created a bunch. Now I know what I’m doing everyday until Christmas!

We’ve restarted work on Super Helpful Man and planned out the changes for the Point Bleep TV version. Don’t take my word for it but it’s going to be quite sensational. We might even meet Meryl. A lot of players thought the Ludum Dare version was quite touching, with this version I’m hoping to touch every one of you.

No Man’s Sky 1.3 Update

I played some of that, for several hours, it’s really fun. Don’t tell Rodo.

In next week’s blog…

Hopefully I’ll be back here telling you how the new Super Helpful Man is astonishing and that if you wanted to you could save your game and resume at a later date. That might not happen but I’m sure I’ll have something to twaddle on about for you. Enjoy your week!





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