What with last week’s Welcome to Point Bleep Studios 2.0 update we thought it was time to resume the development blog. I say resume but I’m just gonna start fresh since the old blog is on the old site and we haven’t brought the archive over with us just yet!

We are working on a game called Point Bleep TV. If you can’t be bothered to click the link then I’ll briefly explain what it is. It is a collection of 5 interactive short stories presented as episodes from fictional TV shows. We hope to release further “shows” and set Point Bleep TV up as a portal for our weird and wonderful games. Honestly, all the info you need is in that link, don’t make me keep repeating myself!

We have finished The Mind of Marlo. Well, besides a last layer of polish we will apply to all of the games once they have been completed, it’s as good as done. As such we can’t do a development blog for MoM as it’s already been developed! It’s turned out lovely though, I’ll tell you that much…

In this blog we will instead discuss the ongoing development of Oh! You Monster! Our cardboard box dating simulator dressed up as an absurd sitcom.


Oh You Monster - Rooms_0
The Jazz Box – Where all the lonely boxes go.

We created the first version of Oh! You Monster! for Ludum Dare #33. It was our second attempt at making a game after the unsuccessful, Hit The Roach, Jack! an endless run and gun type of game. Hit The Roach, Jack! is the type of game Rodo and I have no interest in playing so why we made it I don’t know…

Oh! You Monster! was us getting on the right track. We wanted to make a point and click adventure game outside of Ludum Dare and we needed a dialogue system. We decided to make a game based entirely on dialogue choices. It had to be funny and it had to be simple in order for us to finish it in the 72 hour deadline imposed by Ludum Dare. We thought of a dating sim where all the dialogue choices are somewhat offensive as the player character would have a monstrous personality due the LD theme, “You Are The Monster”.

We thought that might be funny, trying to score a date when you have nothing nice to say. To make it something we could finish in the time frame we thought instead of humans they can be cardboard boxes, quick to draw and somewhat less offensive to insult than women.

Image from LD#33 Version.

In the end we finished Ludum Dare with a rank of #54th Overall but even more surprising we finished #8th in the Humour category! It was also our first taste of YouTubers filming themselves playing our games, which was fun to watch them laughing at our silly game.

The game was of course limited but we got what we wanted out of it, a dialogue system for our adventure game engine (which has since been totally scrapped but Rodo will talk about that later).

Returning to the game we knew we wanted to add a lot more to it. The game will have more dialogue trees that are deeper, funnier and fully voice acted! We are redrawing all the art and emotion system for far more expressive boxes, brand new intro and ending sequences all styled in a sitcom style complete with an annoying laughter track!

As part of Point Bleep TV, Oh! You Monster! will feature as the pilot episode of a full series. We want to flesh the Carl character out and see how his monstrous personality affects other aspects of his life. For example, episode 2 will see how Carl gets on in his new job as a customer service rep. Not very well we imagine.

Development Update

Oh You Monster - Rooms_1

We’re halfway through creating all of the art assets, which is taking up most of my time. Rodo is creating a new version of our main scripting tool called Speecher. It is a database system for every line of dialogue, emotion, camera cut and any other script we need. It’s a lovely environment for the writer to create scenes for the game and the new version is going to be even better! Like I mentioned before, Rodo will likely do a dev blog all about it as he gets closer to finishing it and making it available to other developers.

We are hoping the art and Speecher will be completed at roughly the same time as we swap gears and get into writing all the dialogue choices and cutscenes. The writing shouldn’t take too long. We did the LD version in one day but this version will have 3 times the amount of dialogue, luckily we have the luxury of having more than one day to write the jokes.

Then we’ll begin building the game inside Unity and recording all the dialogue. Once it’s all put together we will write the soundtrack which will replace the chipmusic from the original version with music performed by the jazz trio seen in the screen shot at the top of the page. Think sleazy singles bars and you’ll have a rough idea of what the score will sound like.

I’ve spent the last day making rude animations for one of the successful dates which is rather X Rated in the world of cardboard boxes. You’re gonna have to use all your charm scoring a date to see it though!

Oh You Monster - Rooms_2
Carl’s already offended one of the dates. 4 chances remain…

We’ll bring you another update soon, hopefully to tell you that it’s complete and we’ve moved onto Sassy Salesman Simulator! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your day!



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