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In our futile attempt to be better at PR stuff we present a brand new website for you to peruse. It’s been over two months since our last update and a bunch of stuff has happened since then so I thought we could start with a news focused blog. We’ll continue development blogs next week.

The New Website!

We’ve swapped over to a WordPress site as it’s easier to update while we are buried in game development. We have added lots of new information about Point Bleep TV and the games, screenshots, trailers and music. I’ve worked nonstop all week creating all the content so beware of any typos I may have missed. I hope you stop for a while and learn a little bit about our stuff!


Point Bleep TV – Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life

If you’ve been following us in any capacity (you haven’t) you will know we are working on a game called Point Bleep TV. It is a series of short games presented as television programmes on the Point Bleep TV network. The games are based on concepts we’ve created for Ludum Dare over the past couple of years and we’re hoping it’s going to be a lot of fun, if a little different.

PBTV will be like Netflix for terrible pixel art games. We will release with 5 unique episodes with more to come in the future! We made a whole section of the website dedicated to it so go read all about it.

Work has been steady and we’re pleased to announce that one of the episodes is finally finished!

Thumbnails - The Mind Of MarloW

The Mind Of Marlo – Status: Complete!

The Mind of Marlo is a sad and sometimes funny series looking at a man named Marlo who has a condition that is preventing him from living life to the fullest. The first episode included with Point Bleep TV – Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life looks at the ways Marlo copes with his condition.

The game is a point and click puzzle game presented as a reality TV style documentary with full voice acting and a beautiful soundtrack. We’re really happy with the way it turned out and can’t wait for people to play it.

Thumbnails - Oh You MonsterW

Oh! You Monster! – Status: In Production.

Oh! You Monster! is an absurd sitcom based on a man with a monstrous personality, but is deep down a decent person. The pilot episode included with Point Bleep TV – Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life sees Carl attempting speed dating with monstrous results. /canned laughter.

The game is a speed dating simulator with multiple endings, generally not the happy ones as Carl has a habit of offending everyone he meets.

We’re in the writing/brainstorming/creating assets phase of development at the moment and it’s going quite swimmingly. We have a personal deadline of June 30th to complete the game, which isn’t going to happen but we’re gonna try, dammit!

We’ll discuss the status of the other games in Point Bleep TV – Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life next time.


Ludum Dare #38 – Murder 38: A Small World

We took part in the Ludum Dare that was held in April. We created a short point and click detective game called Murder 38. It was well received though not as well as our previous game How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness.

We finished 5th overall with a 2nd place finish in the humour category. We were really happy with the results but mostly happy with the fact that several players recognised us from our previous entry, commenting that we had made another hilarious game or they had expectations of a fun game due to them enjoying How To Cope With Boredom and Loneliness last time. It made us feel really good and confident that people may in fact enjoy Point Bleep TV.

A reworked version of Murder 38 will appear in Point Bleep TV – Season One: Episodes of a Discontent Life.

Thumbnail - SRE4

Super Robotic Encounters – END (New Album & Hiatus)

Due to time constraints relating to the insurmountable work on his plate, Poffle (Super Robotic Encounters & Head of the Point Bleep Studios UK Operations) has decided to release a final set of songs and call it a day so he can fulfil his duty of legendary game designer. These songs had been lost to time since Poffle started dedicating his life to Point Bleep Studios but he finally managed to finish them so he can draw a line under the SRE project for now. He would like to thank everybody that listened and supported him. Hey, this is fun writing in the third person. Poffle continued to write the amazing blog with his strong fingers…

You can download the album among others including the Vic Raider album Rodo and I made together for free over here!

We will continue to compose the music together for Point Bleep TV and might even release a soundtrack with the game.

See you next time!

Thanks for stopping by.

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